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Discover Tomorrow’s Thought Leaders at Thinker Cube 2024

Save the date: June 5th, 2024! Join us at the Campus Center – Atrium, NJIT University, for Thinker Cube 2024, an event designed to inspire, educate, and connect thought leaders, innovators, and professionals from various fields. This unique gathering promises to deliver invaluable insights and practical strategies to elevate your thought leadership journey, leveraging the power of generative AI, account-based marketing, and cutting-edge methodologies.

Why Attend Thinker Cube 2024?

Inspiration from Industry Leaders:

Start your day with an inspiring session from Christopher Salem, a renowned thought leader who will share his personal journey, offering deep insights and actionable advice on becoming a successful thought leader.

Revolutionary AI Techniques:

Kes Sampanthar will unveil how generative AI can drastically reduce the time needed for research and content creation. Learn how to transform a month-long process into just one day, accelerating your path to thought leadership.

Fuel Innovation with Passion:

Join a dynamic panel discussion featuring Aijaz Shaik, Bijal Parekh, Geoff Lewis, and Abira Sathiyanathan as they explore how passion and generative AI can bring your ideas to life faster and more effectively.

Enhance Your Research and Analysis:

Discover how to add depth and richness to your ideas through robust research and personal experiences. Hear from experts like Debra D’Agostino, Geoff Lewis, Michael Gelfand, and Raman Kaur on how to blend data with personal narratives to create compelling content.

Master Visual Storytelling:

Abhishek R Sharma will guide you through the power of visual storytelling. Learn how to use videos to enhance your thought papers, build brand awareness, and inspire your audience to take action.

Craft Compelling Communications:

A panel featuring Abhishek R Sharma, Ben Northern, Jennifer Reingold, and Scott Wolfson will discuss the art of crafting communications that drive action. Discover what B2B readers expect from research papers and their preferred consumption platforms.

Monetize Your Thought Leadership:

End the day with a session from Christopher Salem and Guy Haselmann, focusing on the business side of thought leadership. Learn strategies to monetize your content, including leveraging video lead generation, and turn your influence into a profitable venture.

Network and Connect

In addition to the enriching sessions, Thinker Cube 2024 offers ample opportunities for networking. Start your day with a light breakfast and informal chats during registration, enjoy a leisurely lunch with fellow attendees, and cap off the event with a networking dinner. These moments are perfect for building connections, sharing ideas, and forging partnerships that can propel your thought leadership journey forward.

Why You Should Be There

Thinker Cube 2024 is more than just an event; it’s a catalyst for your professional growth and a platform for innovation. Whether you’re looking to accelerate your content creation process, learn about the latest trends in generative AI, or connect with industry leaders, this event offers something invaluable for everyone. This is not a market research webinar but an in-person event, ensuring genuine connections and immersive learning experiences.

Join us at Thinker Cube 2024 to unlock new perspectives, gain actionable insights, and connect with a community of forward-thinking professionals.

Don’t Miss Out!

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