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Thinker Tank, presented by Thinker Media Group, is set to revolutionize the B2B lead generation landscape. Unlike traditional industry leader-dominated discourse, Thinker Tank positions itself as a collaborative and insightful resource for professionals at all levels. Hosted by Yamini Ranjan, the podcast delves into the intricacies of the B2B world through engaging conversations with industry experts and thought leaders. Each episode unpacks the latest trends, strategies, and insights, offering listeners a unique perspective on corporate innovation and leadership
This platform not only provides invaluable knowledge but also encourages a community of listeners to explore new ideas and perspectives in the B2B domain. Join Thinker Tank for a journey of discovery and transformation, where every discussion is a step towards redefining the future of B2B lead generation

Our Host

Yamini Ranjan

Yamini Ranjan is the vibrant host of our podcast! Blending her engineering acumen and business savvy into a creative outlet that resonates with listeners worldwide. Starting her podcasting journey from a humble basement studio, she has grown to become a beacon for stories of resilience, ambition, and passion, showcasing the lives of women who are professionals, activists, and everything in between. Yamini’s love for the art of sound mixing and editing reflects her deep engagement with every story she brings to the airwaves. As an engineer with an MBA, her approach is both methodical and inspired, allowing her to craft episodes that are not only informative but also deeply moving
Her work with the Women of Wayland (WoW!) Podcast and contributions to Peace Talks Radio highlight her commitment to community service and diversity, further emphasizing her role as a storyteller who bridges gaps and connects worlds. Born in India and having lived across three continents, Yamini’s global perspective enriches her narratives, making her podcasts a mosaic of voices that inspire, challenge, and celebrate the spirit of womanhood

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